in partnership with Exeter’s Centre for Graphene Science

Chair: Anna Baldycheva, University of Exeter

Graphene and other layered materials are some of the most interesting and versatile materials discovered in the last 20 years. Due to their unique and outstanding properties these materials have the potential to open up new markets and revolutionise current technologies in the field of sensors, flexibles and wearables, energy, composites and coatings, photonics and optoelectronics, electronics as well as biomedical applications.

Internationally-renowned experts will speak at this 2 day symposium to discuss and share their research and insights on graphene and related materials as well as the most critical challenges that need to be overcome to commercialise applications based on 2D materials. This symposium will cover the most recent advances in graphene and related materials research starting from materials fabrication, fundamental materials characterisation to applications.




Anna Baldycheva

University of Exeter / STEMM Global

Misha Portnoi

University of Exeter

Oleg Yazyev

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Yue Wang

University of York

Vipul Agarwal

University of New South Wales

George Kyzas

International Hellenic University, Kavala, Greece

Igor Rozhansky

Ioffe Institute

Vipul Agarwal

The University of New South Wales, Australia

Paolo Bondavalli

Thales Research and Technology

Hao Xu

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China