This Symposium is aimed at attracting a multidisciplinary audience and speakers who are interested in developing methods for the “green synthesis” of nanomaterials using biological means, ranging from organisms (bacteria, fungi, plants) to supramolecular structures (biological extracts, tissues, etc.) and biological (macro)molecules, for their characterisation, including instrumental techniques, as well as in their applications. Since such biogenic nanomaterials (particularly, nanoparticles of noble metals and metalloids, metal chalcogenides and quantum dots) may have a wide range of compositions, sizes and shapes and be associated with bioorganic capping layers (i.e., functionalised), of interest and importance are instrumental, e.g. spectroscopic approaches for characterising both their nano-core and the biomacromolecular outer shell, their stability and behaviour, specific applications or potential risks and hazards.


Yon Ju-Nam

Swansea University

Silvia Lampis

University of Verona